About Us

Our Vision

By Biblical teaching and preaching to bring precious souls to know Christ as their own and personal Saviour, and to challenge those who do know Christ to holiness of heart and life; to a Spirit-filled walk with God; to seek God in brokenness of heart and humility in earnest and believing prayer for God to pour out His Spirit in true revival power.

Our passion

To see the Spirit of God poured out in glorious reviving power.

Our invitation
To join with us in prayer; wherever you are in the world, until we see a spiritual awaking that will bring glory to God and Salvation blessing to our friends and community.

Bangor Independent Methodist Church

Bangor Independent Methodist Church

is part of The Fellowship of Independent Methodist Churches (FIMC) which was formed in November 1973 The name is descriptive of the character and government of the churches. Each local church is self-governing and self-supporting, but subscribes to a common statement of doctrine and standard of Christian living to be part of the Fellowship of Independent Methodist Churches.

Rev. Eric Stewart 
was the first minister of the church in Bangor. He came to Bangor as Pastor of the Free Methodist Church. In 1973 the Fellowship of Independent Methodist Churches was formed and Rev. Stewart became the Pastor of the BIMC until 1980

Rev. Eric Lewis 
came to Bangor in 1981 and served the Lord until 1991as Pastor. He was born in a little village called Godre r' Graig in South Wales. He became a Christian at the age of 19, met his wife and got married at 21. At the age of 23, along with his wife Beryl, he attended Bible College for 3 years in the centre of London.
He and his wife felt God calling them into full time ministry and their first church was in Sunderland in the north-east of England. A couple of years later they moved to the west of Scotland, to Adrossan, where he took up ministry in his second church. Over the last 28 years he has served the Lord in Northern Ireland. Firstly in Lisburn, then he came to the church in Bangor where he became our pastor for eleven years until we moved to become pastor of Christ Church, Abbots Cross.

Rev. Derek Maxwell 
from of Co. Monaghan, was saved at the age of nine. He was trained in Bethel Bible College. Derek came to Bangor in 1992 after serving the Lord in Irvinestown Co. Fermanagh. In 2002 he felt the call of God to work with Slavic Gospel Association where he is Director of Field Ministries.

Rev. Eric Moore 
came to the church in January 2004 He is married to Violet and together they have four children, Deborah, Andrew, Judith and Joel

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