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When Satan desires to sift you remember      Luke 22:31-38
The Big Question- Who is Jesus?             Matthew 16:16




Acts 16:31      Believe and be saved     Eric Moore 



Luke 12:41-48      Faithfulness in life     Eric Moore 



Isaiah 55:6      While he may be found     Eric Moore 



Luke 12:40      Be ye Ready      Eric Moore 




Luke 12:13 -21      Freedom from the love of things     Eric Moore 



John 20:19-29     My Lord and My God     Eric Moore



Luke 12:1-12     The Fear of Man Broken    Eric Moore 



John 3:6      Born of the Spirit     Eric Moore




Luke 11:45     Who can find a good lawyer?    Eric Moore 




2 Cor 5:17     The bench mark of real faith    Eric Moore



Luke 11:37-44   Exposing Hypocrisy    Eric Moore 



Jonah 1     The downward steps of rebellion    Eric Moore



Luke 11:33-36   Light and Darkness    Eric Moore 




Revelation 1     The Revelation of Jesus Christ    Eric Moore




Psalm 40:11 The Mercy of God  - Eric Moore



Luke 11:28  The Greatest Blessing  - Eric Moore



Isaiah 1:18  How to find forgiveness -Eric Moore   Sunday 3rd February  2013 


Matthew 11:25-29 Find rest in the Saviour  Eric Moore   Sunday 6th January 2013     



Genesis 19  The Danger of Looking Back -Eric Moore   Sunday 6th January 2013